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Hello, my name is Dafiny Alves I am an integrative counsellor, Supervisor and Life coach I am also a certified anxiety and trauma informed practitioner; member of the BACP.


II have been working with a diverse range of people from different cultural backgrounds including neurodivergent people like myself, since 2018 when I first started counselling, my experience has been in school settings, independent mental health charities, I also offered short-term therapy to Portuguese and Italians speakers’ clients via the IAPT service in South London. I coordinated a counselling service in a women’s only charity in Harrow;  I am also a clinical  1 to 1 and group supervisor at Need to Talk and I run my private practice, I also  run workshops in Anxiety and wellbeing.

People often ask me how my sessions look like and if I verbalise my thoughts in the sessions or just sit in silence nodding , if you are wondering this as well the answer is : Yes! I will be honest, reflective, open and curious in our work.

As I am a creative person In my sessions we can use a range of techniques such as: grounding, mindfulness, breathing exercises, psychoeducation, solution focus exercises (CBT), with my younger clients we can play games, do some role play, drawing, crafts, use blobs/ feelings cards, videos or music; etc as long as you are comfortable to use them, as the base of my work is client -centred - I strongly believe that You know what is best for you even if right now you do not feel that you do.



CPACB- Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body -Diploma in Integrative Counselling 

CITY LIT- Group Facilitator - Certificate 

 COUNSELLOR TUTOR- Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision Including Online and Telephone Working Level 6

HSC Oxford Home Study Centre - CPC accreditate -Diploma in Life Coaching Level 7

COUNSELLOR TUTOR -Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling 

PESI UK-Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP) Training Course: Applied Neuroscience for Treating Anxiety, Panic, and Worry

PESI UK-Anxiety, Trauma & Self­Harm in Children and Adolescents ­-Essential Regulation and Restorative Practices

PESI UK-Advanced Trauma Treatment for Children and Adolescents: A Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional Training Course

PESI UK- CBT training for Anxiety and OCD


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