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No matter what phase you are in... how bright you shine, or how invisible you feel. 

You are always WHOLE! 

phases of the moon


"Dafiny always helped me think harder to see the answers that I was looking for, with the right questions and motivations, sometimes the answers were in front of my eyes and I couldn’t see it."

F from London Coaching client 2022


"Thanks so much for helping me through some really scary times.The first time we met I felt such an enormous relief as I knew you were the type of counsellor and person that would be able to help me! You made me feel very safe to explore some really horrible overwhelming feelings so I'll be forever grateful x"

I from London Counselling 2022-2023 

"looking back I am really glad that we decided to find her a counsellor and I am especially pleased that we found you... 

Many, many thanks for your help."

Londoner parent 2022

"I have been in therapy with Dafiny for almost 3 years and I can say with all honesty that it has been the best therapeutic journey I have ever been on. 

Dafiny's expertise and empathy have always put me at ease, making our therapy session a sacred and safe space for me to open up. She has always accommodated my needs, requests and have always demonstrated incredible professionalism. With her knowledge, she took me on a journey of self discovering and healing and gave me tools to deal with my extreme anxiety and depression, I am forever grateful. 

In the past 10 years of battles with my mental health and having met various therapists, I would always recommend Dafiny with enthusiasm. 

If you are looking for a emphatic, understanding and calm approach, Dafiny would be the best choice!"

F from London / 2023

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