Counselling Sessions

Depression & Anxiety

Depression  and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we all, can experience at some point in our lives.  

  • Are you feeling like not leaving your bed, showering  or simply  not wanting or forcing yourself to do things? 

  • Are you feeling edge every time you need to go to crowded spaces like school, university or work ? do you think you cannot make mistakes or everyone will laugh at you? 

  • Are  you overthinking  all the time everything and is usually negative stuff about yourself?

  • Are you noticing that your mood changes quite a lot and in a scale from 1 being pleased about you/ life and 10 not seeing the point in everything/ sadness all the time you usually are around 8 sometimes 10?

if you have been feeling some or all the examples above counselling can help you.

 If anxiety is one of the things you are struggling now, but you are not really sure how  it works and why is so overwhelming,have a look on my resurce pages I left some videos and some helpful tips for wellbeing.

Through counselling , clients can  recover motivation, perspective, hope, strengthen problem solve skills, build resilience and  learn how tolerate anxiety; they also can overcome  unwanted memories and sadness not only but also experience  joy again.