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I am a Placement Supervisor with Counselling Tutor UK. I am providing low-cost supervision until I qualify around February 2023. 

if you are looking for counselling supervision for either telephone/ online or face-to-face work, them we may be a good fit.

I know that finding the right supervisor for you is important especially if you are looking for a supervisor who will help you grow and develop your practice in service of your client.

I invite you to reach out to me and you will get a feel for how I work.

I know how hard is to find the right supervisor.

Are you looking for:

  • someone to support and challenge you

  • Offer you a safe space that takes care of your emotional wellbeing

  • a supervisor that helps you to nurture your internal supervisor and your professional growth

Book a free consultation, we may be a fit.

I work with the 7-eyed model of supervision that covers the following 

1. Focus on the Client and what and how they present

2. Focus on the Interventions 

3. Focus on Client-Counsellor Relationship

4. Focus on the Supervisee 

5. Focusing on Supervisee-Supervisor Relationship

6. Supervisor's Process 

7. Focus on the Wider Context in which the work happens

My Supervision also focus on your professional relationships which will include a balance of normative (ETHICAL/LEGAL ASPECTS), formative (LEARNING TOGETHER ABOUT YOUR WAY OF WORKING) and restorative elements (THE EFFECTS OF COUNSELLING UPON YOU), intended to foster your wellbeing and ensure that the needs of your clients are being addressed and to monitor the effectiveness of your client interventions.

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